26 unique artifacts created by the hands of people of the past (27 photos)

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28 June 2023

Artifacts of antiquity that have come down to us and later creations skilled craftsmen still amaze the imagination. Thanks to them it is possible lift the veil of secrecy over some pages of history and be transported to distant legendary times.

1. "The Book of Animals" ("Kitab al-Hayawan") by an Arab writer and the theologian Al-Jahiz. Abbasid caliphate, medieval golden age Islam, 776-868

2. Armor of Henry II of France, 1555

3. Bay window with Triton, the Greek sea god in the Pena Palace in San Pedro de Penaferrim (municipality of Sintra, Portuguese Riviera)

4. Silver coffin of Pharaoh Psusennes I (1001 BC), Ancient Egypt

5. Necklace from Georgia, ca. 100–200 AD n. e.: case for amulet with a ram's head made of amethyst, perfume bottle, decorated grenades, gold chain

6. Saddle, artfully decorated with gold inserts. Tibet, 15th-17th century

7. The dome of Dunmore House in the form of a pineapple. Dunmore, Scotland, 1761-1776

8. Bronze ritual vessel with four horns. China, Western Zhou Dynasty, 1000-900 B.C. e. Used for offering food to the spirits of the dead

9. Imperial Crown of the Holy Roman Empire. Otto III (“Miracle of the World”) was crowned by him in 994 by Pope Gregory V. The cross was added at the beginning of the 11th century, and the arch c. 1030

10. Figurine of Pharaoh Khufu, or Cheops (about 8 cm high). One of the few known depictions of the man who commissioned the construction great pyramid

11. Gilded bronze key with the coat of arms of Bavaria on both sides, ca. 1810

12. Gold Plated Silver Tool Case court surgeon of the early 16th century, made in London. hung up on the belt

13. Rondelle from a Roman villa, St Mary, Dorset, 4th century AD e., with a mosaic depicting Christ

14. Bronze ax with a pattern depicting taote - the legendary monster. China, Shang Dynasty, 13th-11th centuries BC e.

15. Ishtar Gate Dragon, circa 570 BC e., Babylon

The neo-Babylonian empire reached its peak during reign of Nebuchadnezzar II. During his reign, Babylon became a magnificent city. Since the stone was difficult to obtain, the buildings built from molded bricks with colorful glazes.

16. Black shield (dhal) with four umbons. India, 17th century

17. Golden bowl-salt shaker "Mermaid", decorated with 184 rubies, diamonds and two pieces of agate. France or Florence, 16th century

18. Roman relief depicting tropea. Tropeas (trophies) were military monuments erected by the Greeks and Romans in honor of victories in battle

19. Japanese sword and scabbard - 17th century blade, 19th century setting

20. Tsuba (guard) of the Japanese sword, the work of master Murasakibara Toshiyoshi (1829-1890). The art of making tsuba in Japan was hereditary handicraft

21. Silver container for storing tea or sugar, England, ca. 1752-1753

22. Relief depicting a hunting dog, Assyrian empire, ca. 645 BC e. North Palace of Nineveh. Ritual hunting King Ashurbanipal (reigned 668 - c. 627 BC)

23. Scepter of the Lord Mayor of London made of gold and stone crystal. Given by Henry V between 1415 and 1421 in recognition providing the city with 10,000 marks, which helped win the Agincourt

24. Viking jewelry. Found in Grötlingbo Parish, Gotland, Sweden

25. The oak block used for the last public execution on Tower Hill in London in 1745

26. Unique Barbados penny. Copper. 1788 Ordered them and minted privately by the owner of the Barbados plantation Sir Philip Gibbs

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