Too late to rush about: 8 sights that we will never see again (17 photos)

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7 May 2023

These are 9 priceless monuments of culture and nature, which are already lost forever for humanity.

8. Bamiyan Valley, Afghanistan

Less than 200 km from Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, located in the Bamiyan Valley. Once there stood two giant - giant statues of Buddha, which were part of the complex of Buddhist monasteries. The first mention of these places dates back to the 6th century AD.

Unfortunately, today there is almost no left of its former greatness. nothing: in 2001, the statues were destroyed by the Taliban (movement The Taliban has been designated a terrorist organization in Russia). considered them pagan idols.

Bamiyan Buddha statues before and after the explosion

7. Guaira Waterfall

The cascade on the border of Brazil and Paraguay was one of the largest (and most impressive) waterfalls in the entire world.

Until in 1982 it was decided to liquidate it in order to build a hydroelectric power plant. The rocks that framed the waterfall were blown up, the Guaira National Park of the same name is closed, and the newly created the reservoir was filled with water to the top - evaluate the capacity of the water flow! - in just two weeks.

In 2005, this HPP produced 93% of the total demand for electricity of Paraguay and 20% - Brazil. Was it worth it? Let's leave it to posterity to judge.

Dam at the site of the Guaira waterfall

6. Stone arch in Agadir

One of the most picturesque places on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in Morocco is the stone arch of Legzir Beach. Was.

Here, unlike many other cases, there were no human participation. In 2016 due to constant sea currents this natural wonder collapsed, leaving behind only a mountain of rubble and becoming a clear demonstration of the saying "water wears away a stone." Sharpens, still How.

5. Azure Window Gozo

Another amazing place created by the hands of nature. This The 28-meter limestone rock in the form of an arch was once located in Gozo, one of the islands of the Maltese archipelago. Since 1998 Azure window" was on the list of applicants for inclusion in the UNESCO list.

While a strong storm that hit the coast in 2017, didn't rob the arc overnight of any chance of getting status rank. And there was nothing to calve so much.

4. Chacaltaya Glacier in Bolivia

The Chakaltaya Glacier is romantically called the "Evaporated giant" - and it really is. On his creation mother nature spent 18 thousand years. But global warming quickly reduced all the efforts of the planet come to naught.

In the 1980s the Chacaltaya glacier began to melt rapidly, having decreased by the beginning of the 21st century by almost 80%. Scientists expected that the only ski resort in Bolivia will be completely closed only by 2016, but it happened much earlier - already in 2009. not a trace of the glacier remains. And someone is very unsuccessful in the end invested in tourism real estate.

New attraction - an abandoned ski resort on the site of the Chakaltaya glacier

3. Palmyra in Syria

Perhaps the loudest crime against history and culture is the destruction of the legendary Palmyra in Syria. This one of the richest cities of late antiquity, located between Damascus and Euphrates, was founded by the Mitanni king Kirta I in 1500 BC era.

In May 2015, ISIS militants (banned in the Russian Federation), captured Palmyra, plundered and destroyed many monuments of the great ancient city. And in January 2017, after the re-capture, they blew up and the central part of the amphitheater.

2. Waterfall "Silver Streams" in Crimea

This very small, but very picturesque waterfall in the Crimea visually resembled the bowed head of a giant, covered with emerald moss. Both tourists and locals love to come here.

It was this "head" that ultimately destroyed the entire the beauty of the place: in one of the winters, heavy from ice and snow, she collapsed down. And nature once again showed man who is here real owner.

1. Duckbill Rock in Oregon

Although here is a reverse example: a bizarre rock formation with the speaking name "Platypus" stood and did not touch anyone until 2016

Here, a group of teenagers has become a destructive factor. Vandals have not yet been caught, and a bike is walking around the neighborhood about that it was supposedly done for good purposes. They say the boys wanted rid the world of a dangerous thing, because their friend was there and broke his leg. True or not, no longer know, although the park ranger, where was the Platypus, claims that the stone was surrounded by a fence and everywhere There were signs saying "Caution, Danger".

And what's left of her.

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13 May 2023
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"Ну, пускай бы жили полторы страны без света как в средневековье. Зато водопадик красивенький бы был." Какие тут могут быть рассуждения?
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