17 tailed creatures who took humor to a new level (18 photos)

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2 May 2023

Whenever we have a pet in our house, we get a free the pass in the sea of adventures and amusing incidents. We always forgive our furry friends for all their pranks, and even sometimes we want to change with them in places when, for example, in the morning you really don’t want to go to work. In that post you will see: smart, inventive and funny mustachioed and tailed, that will make anyone smile.

1. My cat ruined one part of the window curtains. I still didn't understand why

2. Help, I woke up the cat

3. Renovated the bathroom and had to cut some drywall. My cat has been watching me through this hole all day.

4. Who needs a cat bed?


6. Real platypus

7. Today we learned that our cat can read.

8. The Mystery of the Lost Socks Solved!

9. The strangest and most uncomfortable places to rest your head on while sleeping are somehow the most comfortable.

10. Our dog spent too much time with cats.

11. The cat is very surprised

12. Violent fight

13. Bed for toys, and I'll lie down here

14. Look what I found

15. Excellent stand

16. Cleaning helpers


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