An American blew up a huge stone and made a cool house in it (5 photos)

23 April 2023

All kinds of unusual houses always enjoy an increased attention - and travelers, and just lovers to read about something unusual. For a number of reasons, this area is not so developed in our country yet, but in In the same America, this has long been a full-fledged business. For example, there are funny cave houses, one of which I want to talk about today.

This cave house can be seen in the US state of Utah. And this is not just a cave in the mountain, but a man-made cave, even more better to say it is a house inside a stone.

Someone Grant Johnson is currently renting out this house. lovers of living in unusual places, but he created it by first buying a piece of land on which there was a huge boulder, and then blowing it up from within.

It took 10 to bring the hole from the explosion into a full-fledged room more than a year, most of the work (bringing the walls in order - in first of all) was carried out by the hands of the owner himself, he had to hire assistant only for pouring the concrete floor. All this time, Grant lived in an ordinary trailer, which was right there on the site.

However, he had previously lived in a trailer, so buying land in this case, it is, as we would say, the purchase of a plot under IZHS. But, as you can see, he built an unusual house.

And, of course, the idea itself initially meant that this "stone dwelling" would also become a separate business.

In this case, we are talking about renting a house through the Internet, since the unusual "placement option" quickly became famous on the Web due to its unusualness. Looking ahead, let's say that on that Airbnb has great reviews for Grant himself as a "superhost" and also praise the area itself, because "the desert allows you to disconnect from the rest of the world."

Such terrain is also an advantage when choosing a place for rest, of course. Johnson's site is about a dozen kilometers from the city of Boulder, there are no other residential buildings nearby, but there are vegetable garden and cattle paddock - Grant keeps livestock (additional entertainment for guests) and is engaged in "home gardening" plot".

An unusual cave inside a boulder has 6 exits, however all of them are covered with glass - as a result, the multi-room cave received several bright rooms.

Formally, the house has 3 bedrooms, 4 beds and 2 bathrooms. Plus something like a living room where you can hang out all together, including with the owner, since tourists can not rent the whole house, but only a room.

Renting the entire cave costs approximately $1,000 per day, and one room - about 350 dollars. By the way, demand (judging by the schedule employment on Airbnb) is quite high - despite not the lowest price tag.

As commentators note in articles about Grant's history Johnson, he has probably recouped all the costs more than once and even became rich man.

Maybe this is so, but we can definitely say that he became a man who made his dream come true. The point is that, as the owner of this cave house himself told, to do something similar he dreamed from his youth - since he first saw Hole n'the Rock, the famous "Hole in the Rock", which is also located in Utah.

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