In Israel, they learned how to grow a steak in a test tube

12 April 2023
"Homunculus" will be no different from real meat.

An Israeli entrepreneur, Arik Kaufman, came up with a cunning plan: 3D print meat. There is nothing new in this idea, but the concept itself is different.

We have developed modular platforms that allow you to 3D print meat, real meat, not something that mimics meat. It all starts with cells that are harvested from a real animal in an ethical way, without harming the animal.

We then differentiate the cells into muscle or fat cells. We load cells into our biostation and print them on printers. We can accurately determine the percentage of fat and composition of the steak. After we print a steak on a 3D printer, it goes through a process of incubation and maturation.

This means that the muscle fibers are connected to each other. And as this whole industry develops, we will see better products that will replace the steak that we used to eat in a restaurant.

As for “more perfect products”: first you need to wait for this “meat” to enter the world market and try it. Then you can already draw some conclusions. But there is no doubt that in the future many will eat this way.
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