The only copy of the roadster Pagani Huayra Dinamica Evo (4 photos)

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22 March 2023

Featured Italian supercar Pagani Huayra Dinamica Evo - the only copy in the world. The atelier was engaged in its production Grandi Complicazioni, specialized in small-scale production. Judging by the orange reflectors, it was ordered by a client from the USA.

Last autumn, the Italian company Pagani Automobili introduced a new supercar Utopia, which replaced the well-deserved and very spectacular Huayra model, but write off the Huayra in the archive, as turned out to be too early.

Any Pagani supercar is exclusive by default, because Horatio Pagani's company produces only a few dozen cars a year and the final configuration of each is chosen by the customer from an endless palette of finishing materials. However, even the highest segment car market where Pagani operates, in recent years there has been a growing demand for absolutely unique cars made in a single copy for very high price. If introduced in 2017, the HP Barchetta Roadster based on the Zonda was released in an edition of three copies, shown on this week Pagani Huayra Dinamica Evo - one in the whole world. His name the customer is not disclosed, but judging by the configuration of the direction indicators, the client resides in North America.

Pagani piece machines are developed by the division Grandi Complicazioni, some of them never showed wide to the public, and the photos of Huayra Dinamica Evo are an Italian company published on their pages in social networks without any technical description, so you can only admire the design. From two "regular" open versions of the Huayra supercar - Roadster (debuted in 2017) and Roadster BC (debuted in 2019) - Dinamica Evo has a unique aerodynamic plumage and especially sculptural central air intake of the engine, reminiscent of a cobra.

Judging by the protruding front "lip" and the wing at the stern, technical stuffing Dinamica Evo borrowed from the Huayra Roadster BC, which was released in an edition of 40 copies (all were sold before premiere): its 6.0-liter V12 biturbo engine from Mercedes-AMG produces 800 hp and 1050 Nm, acceleration to 100 km/h takes about 3 s, maximum speed - 350 km/ h.

The main brown color of the Huayra Dinamica Evo is, frankly, not the most spectacular for a piece supercar, but the look is enlivened by gold stripes and front side canards in the colors of the Italian flag.

How much did the unique roadster cost the customer, you can only guess: if the Huayra Roadster BC cost more than 3 million euros, then Dinamica Evo, most likely, cost no less than 5 million euros.

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