Don't spoil your eyes! Learned cats and dogs who strictly monitor the quality and quantity of text content (17 photos)

Category: Animals, PEGI 0+
14 March 2023

"Don't ruin your eyesight, play with your friends outside!" So or something like this they tried to tear off their little acquaintances from their favorite pastime mothers.

But not only people are worried about each other's health. Pets also strictly monitor the quality and quantity text content consumed by the host. To avoid, so to speak, information overload. And to bad unreasonable leather from their books are not learned.

1. But am I better than this boring book?

2. What a bore...

3. I can lie like this for hours

4 Vampire Kitten

5. Balance, you know, balance is needed in everything!

6. But I'm fluffier and more informative than this rustling thing

7. I'll ride, I'll lie, tearing the owner's book to shreds

8. Drop this thankless job, let's run to chase cats!

9. Not even pictures. Yes, I have paws and even more beautiful!

10. One graceful movement, and the book turns into a pile of paper fringe

11. You won't take it!

12. Look at me!

13. You can skip the walk

14. And here I strongly disagree with the author

15. Let's go for a walk, otherwise I'll let you in a whole puddle of saliva right into these tedious squiggles

16. Some kind of nonsense: neither nibble, nor bite, and not even devour

Do your pets distract you from work, study and rest with their touching appearance?

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