30 interesting shots shared online (31 photos)

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14 March 2023

You can find something interesting at least every day. Even if it a common thing for someone, inquisitive minds will always find in it some meaning and something interesting. Mildly Interesting community on the Reddit forum collects unusual footage shared by netizens with all over the world. Let's take a look at some of them.

Near the vegetables in Chinese stores there is a photo of the farmer who picked them.

Gnome made of paper

Jaguar sweater

Lighting in the hospital in the form of an ECG

Hospital staff made a house for a cat who often comes to ask for food

"This is Simba. He has a house, but he likes to come to us and patients. Simba loves hugs and being petted. Please don't feed him," the sign reads.

"I squeezed out some shaving gel. It turned out to be a chicken. I'm happy."

The window in the lower left corner is drawn

creative snowman

Mini shop in a taxi

"The bubbles at the bottom of the glass look like writing. Are they trying to convey a message?"

Someone made a dog out of snow

Chevrolet 1956 looks like new

"I asked for rice to go to the cafe. The container was filled to capacity"

"My family and I put fruit stickers on the refrigerator for several years. Here is the result"

Remains of a hammer in the asphalt

"Mountain" of saffron in a store, Tehran

strange lantern

"My 1 euro coin fell apart"


Tables and chairs mounted on the wall

This vacuum cleaner came for you

There are "double" tests that detect Covid and influenza at the same time

Donut Cafe Looks Like a Donut Box

"I've had 69 allergy tests (allergy tests) and I'm allergic to 60 of them"

Leftover tea looks like a dog

Dice with 100 sides

"I first saw black toilet paper in a hotel"

"Bench for introverts" on the street

Supermarket egg (top) and farm egg

"The mug just suddenly shattered into pieces while standing in the cupboard"

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