Spaniard sued her ex-husband for 200 thousand euros for housekeeping (3 photos)

14 March 2023

In Malaga (Andalusia), the court ordered the man to pay the ex-wife compensation for 25 years of unpaid domestic work. Amount of compensation was calculated on the basis of the minimum wage and amounted to 204 624.86 euros.

After the wedding in 1995, the couple signed a marriage contract, which provided for the separate ownership of property - that is, that earns each of the spouses, belongs only to him, and the woman, who did not work, in the event of a divorce, is left with nothing.

The man's business went uphill all these years: he became the owner prosperous business. And the woman raised two children and kept house economy. She devoted herself mainly to housework and taking care of family, according to the court order. Special mention is made of the fact that the husband did not want the woman to work outside the home, but allowed her engage in public relations and act as a network manager gyms, which he owns.

The woman claims that for 25 years she was in a situation where she was not able to do anything other than housework and work for her husband.

The court considered her claims for compensation to be just. In addition to 204 thousand euros, the ex-husband was ordered to pay a monthly allowance for children (one of the daughters is a minor, the other is over 18 years).

The plaintiff was satisfied with the decision of the court. She says the sentence was well deserved and made her "very happy".

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