30 strange places and finds from Google Maps (31 photos)

18 February 2023

Turning to Google maps, we usually know what we are looking for: for example, how to get to your favorite pizzeria faster or where it is located best friend's new apartment. But have you ever spent time in this application, just by exploring the surroundings? According to the guys from the subreddit "Oddities on Google Maps", there is something to look at: from disappearing horses and flying hares to three-legged car owners and mysterious laboratories in the midst of a big nothing.

1. A 40-year-old man went missing after a party. 22 years later a local resident spotted a car in a lake on Google Maps. Found inside missing man's skeleton

2. "In Letea, Tulcea, Romania, a cart was used instead of a Google Maps car"

3. Excuse me, what?

4. Is it a bird? This is a plane? No, it's... a flying hare in Poland! 49.9179962,19.9373255

5. "Google Maps driver forgot to turn off recording"

6. "In an attempt to stimulate tourism, Xinhua Village in China built a giant QR code from 130,000 trees so that it can be scan from aircraft

7. "Counts as weird?"

8. "Aircraft going to warp speed?"

9. "Found on panorama in the middle of a wildlife management area McClintic near Point Pleasant, West Virginia"

10. "It seems that the matrix is discharged"

11. "A new plant species"

12. Burning house

13. "Doctor, I have it a little longer than usual"

14. Escaped prisoner seen outside the prison

15. Netflix made a whole animated series about it

16. Google Earth Finally Revealed the Truth About the Pyramids

17. "Deep forest hole" (Abyisky ulus, Republic of Sakha, Russia). 67.8961230, 145.1598760

18. Censorship

19. "Seattle Center is overrun by giant spiders! Run, there is no escape from their hunger!"

20. The word "End!" lined with shipping containers next to the Rivian car plant in Normal, Illinois (40.5140640, -89.0546155)

21. Low overpass knocked the Streetview camera off the car

22. Blurred Bomber B2

23. "I was looking at the house I'm thinking of buying in street view and found a mysterious naked yeti

24. "In a pond near Key West, Florida, there is a jeep (?)"


26. "Declaration of love, which I found on the island of Gotland, Sweden"

27. "Red Indian Lake, Newfoundland, with a winter square around Millertown"

28. "Distorted view of the children's bedroom, found in the Atlantic Ocean. Coordinates -51.2630635,8.3682772"

29. "Strange object near White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico"

30. "Found a sinking barn in the middle of nowhere in Finland"

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