Photos of funny dogs that people simply had to share (16 photos)

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7 January 2023

Dogs are one of the most special creatures on earth. Giving us love and companionship, a dog is man's best friend. Our dogs brothers with all their funny quirks can be great source of good vibes.

Dogs know exactly how to make our day a little better: they possess some magical powers and can cheer up even through the monitor screen. Just count how many stupid situations there are during the day our four-legged friends. And no we don't want to say that dogs are stupid, we even have material about the most intelligent and obedient breeds. But even the smartest dog sometimes behaves foolishly with human point of view, making our everyday life only more fun and beautiful. It is in such situations that today's heroes found themselves: rather, look and tell us which photo you liked the most.

When you gave a friend the best place to sleep

The creation of the dog

Dogs are ready to accompany you everywhere and won't even let you go to the toilet

What if you get lonely behind a closed door?

Ready for water treatments

It's good to have a true friend who won't leave you after a stormy night.

Some dogs even have an adorable rear view.

Dogs know exactly what friendship is, even if you're a dolphin

Two are definitely more comfortable.

A dog that can smile

When you met your doppelgänger in a basket of potatoes

There's no dog here, just a few embers in the snow

Another day has come...

Disguise lvl 80

Two friends

When you want to pass for your

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