16 original snacks for the New Year's table (17 photos)

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15 December 2022

Despite the fact that today you can not stand at the stove all day before the holiday, but just order ready-made meals, anyway sometimes I want to make something cool and tasty with my own hands. We have collected fun and festive snacks, both sweet and meaty, that can be easily cook and impress your guests.

Simple star shaped cookies, all you need is icing and a cookie cutter

From two types of dough (with dye)

For this snack you will need 5 things: skewers, marshmallows, strawberries, bananas and grapes

Cookies without problems, you can still put in gifts

All festive images are used: Christmas trees, snowmen, Santa Claus

More satisfying options with pizza of different shapes: toppings to taste

Lay out snacks in the form of a New Year's wreath

After that, who has enough imagination

Variations with raw and baked dishes are many

And for children's morning performances, and for your loved ones, there is something for every taste.

What's your favorite New Year's dish?

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