The turtle put to flight the attacking tiger shark

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10 December 2022
A dramatic fight between a turtle and a tiger shark off a remote beach in Western Australia was filmed by professional drone operator Jack Garnett.

The Garnett family had seen this turtle several times before, the children named it Mr. Turtle. On his last day on the coast, Garnett took off a drone and noticed that a three-meter tiger shark was attacking the turtle.

“At first I told the kids not to watch the video link from the drone because it looked like a big 3m tiger shark would eat poor Mr Turtle.”

“For the next 10 or so minutes, our family was truly blown away as we huddled around the screen admiring the great battle between Mr. Turtle and the tiger shark,” said Garnett.

“A single mistake by Mr. Turtle would mean the loss of a limb or a fatal bite,” said Garnett.

The turtle eventually bit the tiger shark's tail, causing it to flee the battlefield.

Garnett showed the video to marine biologists, who identified the turtle's resourcefulness as a "known behavior" for its species.

The experts also determined that the turtle was a female based on “the shape of its tail”, i.e. it was Mrs Turtle, and reported that “turtles are colloquially referred to as tiger shark ‘sea biscuits’ as they are a favorite food of predatory sharks.”
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