This is the Russian mobilization in the second army of the world. Part 53

15 March 2023

A selection of videos from the network, which shows all the nuances of the Russian mobilization of the second army of the world, which throws all its forces into the war and as a result of which the government is unable to help those mobilized people.

Due to a shortage of guns, Russian artillerymen are sent to attack with infantry

Another video that shows chaos in the ranks of the “2nd World Army”

Asvabatites, keep it up! Don’t forget to ask your command for black packets before attacks!

The Russian Federation transports troops in freight cars, like cattle for slaughter

The Russian world is treating people like animals

This is the Russian mobilization in the second army of the world. Part 53

There is no artillery, but you hold on, all the best to you, good mood and health

They are ready to continue killing, but with greater comfort. Clearly understood.

Russian mice cried, injected themselves, but continued to gnaw the cactus

The wives of mobilized asvabade soldiers from the Kursk region are crying that their husbands were sent to Lugansk instead of Rostov. They ask the king to sort it out

Only the king sent your schmobs there. Some kind of vicious circle

Ukrainian prosecutors collected data from 600 military commanders of the Russian Federation on a board of 6 square meters

These are officials and military leaders against whom criminal cases have been opened in Ukraine. Among them are Putin, Shoigu, Mizintsev, who led the siege of Mariupol, the commander of the 64th separate motorized rifle brigade Azatbek Omurbekov (soldiers of this brigade are accused of crimes in Bucha).

Don't even think that it will pass. You will answer for everything.

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