The Pyramid of Cheops, the Great Wall of China and the Colosseum - how much did it cost to build it all? (4 photos)

23 October 2022

At one time, these were truly cyclopean buildings - and according to money and labor costs. Is it possible to estimate their value in our time?


It was erected during the reign of the Flavian dynasty. Construction was going on 8 years, during this time up to 100 thousand people worked on it. Height buildings - 50 meters, the length along the outer ellipse - 524 meters. At the Colosseum 50 thousand people could be at the same time.

As for the cost - American builders have calculated that now such a building could be built for $380 million. The British swung at 460 million dollars. But in terms construction they converge - 2 years.

The Pyramid of Cheops

It was erected in honor of the pyramid of Khufu and it is the largest of all Egyptian complex. It took about 20 years to build, 20 years passed through the construction thousand workers. They worked in shifts for about 5 months.

The height of the pyramid is 146 meters, the area is 53 thousand square meters.

French architects figured out what a building is today could have been erected in 5 years and with the help of 2,000 people. It would be worth that's about $5 billion.

the great Wall of China

This is the most expensive and large-scale building. But it must be remembered that built a wall for more than a thousand years - the peak of work came during the reign Emperor Qin Shi Huang. Then different sections of the wall were combined into one whole and did it, according to various historical sources, from 300 thousand to 2 million people.

The length of the wall exceeds 21,000 km, the height varies from 6 to 10 m, and the thickness is up to 8 m.

The British calculated that today the wall could be built for 1.5 years and it would cost a cosmic 62 billion dollars.

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