Lemurs abandoned trees - due to climate change, animals must make do with life on earth (3 photos)

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18 October 2022

Scientists again made a disappointing discovery. Lemurs and monkeys in Madagascar and in America are forced to leave the measured and familiar life in the trees and descend to the ground.

Outside the usual branches, they can find food, water and shelter. However, the fact that people live below makes it very difficult for them to adapt. At a minimum, these are the results of a study in which analyzed 150,000 hours of video footage of 15 species of lemurs and 32 monkey species in 68 locations.

However, primates that do live in hotter areas and where there is less green cover, it is easier to get used to a new life, and spend more and more time on earth.

Large social groups are also actively developing the land, which do not prefer fruit. Worse adapt, in turn, those who live next to a person - they try to spend more time on the branches.

So there is a possibility that in a couple of millennia, primates finally leave the branches and will walk exclusively on the ground. However, this is only if the climate continues to change - in In general, living on the branches is quite comfortable and safe.

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