Catdog. The cat plays with a ball like a dog

4 August 2021

Even unapproachable and independent cats can be taught commands that dogs usually perform. This cat named Simba from Canada has learned to bring a ball to his owner. The girl filmed how funny they were playing.

A two-year-old red cat named Simba lives happily with his beloved owner in Canada. Recently, a girl shared a funny video of herself playing with a ball with her pet. She throws the ball, and Simba runs after it with all his might and brings it back to the owner.

Then the cat begins to meow loudly, begging the owner to throw the ball again. “As soon as he comes into my room, he most often throws the ball at my feet and starts meowing, inviting me to play. Then he comes back, meowing, with the ball in his mouth, and we start all over again,” says the author of the video.

Netizens were amused by Simba and his interesting habits - and most of all, how he himself enjoyed the game. Many cats love to play fetch, and sometimes it doesn't even require hours of training. Does your cat love this game?

Here's how Simba plays:

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5 August 2021
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Какой-то странный кот. Нашей котейке кинь такой шарик, она минут 10 по всей квартире его гонять будет.
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