A vinaigrette of historical footage from past years. Issue 151

Funny photos, interesting events and people who made history - all this is in the new selection.

Crawler motorcycle, 1938

In the 1930s, a French engineer introduced the public to an unusual type of transport, which he called a tractor motorcycle.

It would seem that this is an ideal option for off-road or rural areas. The Frenchman also thought to interest the army, but too much weight (400 kg), poor handling, instability and low speed (30 km/h) did not interest anyone and the project had to be “buried.”

Captain A.L. Kahn with a giant manta ray, New Jersey, USA, 1933

The manta ray or "giant sea devil" is the largest species of stingray. Its size is impressive. The width of an adult stingray reaches 10 meters, and its weight is more than 3 tons.

Handicraft and boots, 1927

Such an unusual gift was prepared by the community of handicraftsmen of the Lenin district for the 16th Moscow provincial party conference.

Little girl with her pet, Portugal, 1950

Utochnitsy - a gun for the mass destruction of birds, 1910-1920

This unusual weapon was used in the 19th and early 20th centuries to hunt geese and wild ducks, hence the name. Almost a hundred birds could be shot with one shot.

Gun violence has greatly impacted the wild bird population in the United States, and the decision was made to ban such large calibers.

Sheepdog wearing a gas mask, French Red Cross, 1917

Ready for a gas attack!

Ethiopian soldier, 1941

The Italian occupation of the country continued until the spring of 1941, when the British army, supported by auxiliary forces recruited from the African colonies, liberated Ethiopia and occupied other Italian possessions in the Horn of Africa.

Moose team. Canada, 1902

Special pram hooks on New Zealand buses in the 1950s

A very unusual way of transporting baby strollers.

Oasis in Giza. Egypt, 1917

Chile, view of Mount San Cristobal, 1955

Hollywood shepherd star Rin Tin Tin eats dinner in his room at the Sheraton Hotel, 1920s

This German Shepherd became the embodiment of the American dream and the idol of several generations. During her short dog life, she managed to star in 31 films and was even nominated for an Oscar in 1929.

Soldiers in gas masks peel onions. Tobruk, October 15, 1941

North American Ojibwe girl, Minnesota, 1908

Ojibwe (or Chippewa) Indians of Algonquian origin with whom the Canadian writer Archibald "Grey Owl" Bilaney once lived.

Ice-covered fishing vessel New England, British Columbia, Canada, 1911

Four women in traditional Welsh attire gathered for afternoon tea, March 1, 1955.

Employee of the State West Siberian Regional Museum A.P. Levashova on a walk with a wolf from the museum zoo, 1928

A man sells posters of Lenin and Fidel Castro in front of the University of Havana. Cuba, 1964

A group of snowmen strolling down a street in Berlin, 1932

A French shepherd on stilts looks after his herd of cows. Landes, France, 1930

Such stilts allowed shepherds to walk through the swamps and monitor distant flocks of sheep, and also not be afraid of snakes.

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