A vinaigrette of historical footage from past years. Issue 146

Funny photos, interesting events and people who made history - all this is in the new selection.

Draft beer on board Lufthansa, 1960s

In the photo, a flight attendant pours fresh draft Pilsner beer for Boeing 707 passengers. This was a tradition on Lufthansa flights in the 1960s.

After almost 60 years, in 2018 the airline brought back draft beer on board flights from Munich to New York, Singapore and Shanghai during the Oktoberfest beer festival.

Dad Can!

A dad shows off his skills to the surprise of his little daughter in Melbourne, Australia, 1940s.

A woman from Bakutu. Belgian Congo (now Democratic Republic of the Congo), 1957

The girl’s face is the result of scarring, — special application of scars to the body, which in their finished form represent some kind of design or pattern.

Playboy Girls

Five English "bunny girls" return to London airport after six months of training at Playboy headquarters in Chicago, April 25, 1966.

Quiet hour on the battleship Warspite, September 1944

Cats and cats in the fleet – this is a common occurrence. Moreover, both in peacetime and in wartime. Fluffy purrs become favorites of the entire crew and mascots of the ships on which they “serve.”

A Filipino-American family poses for a family portrait. Philippines, 1912

Ruins of Palmyra, Syria, 1966

Palmyra is a historical city located in modern Syria, famous for its ancient ruins and rich history.

Photo of Emperor Haile Salassi with his favorites in 1962, Ethiopia

He ruled Ethiopia from 1930 until his overthrow in 1974. The last emperor was a strong defender of African unity and independence and contributed to the development of the country.

British explorers playing football in Antarctica, 1914

The crew of the ship Endurance, stuck in Antarctic ice for 10 months in 1914, showed amazing fortitude and physical endurance, and football helped them in this.

A woman with a child in a stroller, ready for a gas attack. London, 1938

At the end of the 1930s, it was already clear that World War II was inevitable. Residents of England were most frightened by the prospect of gas attacks, so residents prepared for this very seriously.

Inside the stroller there was a soft crib, which was tightly closed with a lid. To prevent the child from suffocating, there were special filters through which oxygen was supplied.

Lovers on Revolution Square. Havana, Cuba 1974

A South Korean police officer measures the length of a woman's skirt, 1970s

The photo was taken during a nationwide crackdown on men with long hair and women wearing short skirts in South Korea.

A tourist from Saudi Arabia prays at the North Pole with a Soviet nuclear icebreaker in the background, 1990

After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, part of the nuclear fleet was engaged in unusual work, trying to make money, including delivering wealthy tourists to the pole.

Swedish policeman in an experimental bulletproof vest and with a Carl Gustav machine gun, 1970
The sandals are apparently also experimental.

Bedroom in a Pontiac, San Francisco, 1936

The car seats folded, turning into a flat, soft surface on which you could sleep.

There is a slight optical illusion in the frame. The width of the car ends not where it is removed from, but where the steering wheel is. Because of this angle, it seems as if there is a lot of space in the cabin.

A girl eats ice cream in the company of her pets, a dog and a raccoon, USA, 1930

Circus strongwoman Kate Brumbach, better known as the Great Sandwina (1884 - 1952), lifts her husband above her head

Sandwina's overhead lift record of 296 pounds (129 kg) stood for many years until it was eclipsed by women's weightlifter Karin Marshall in 1987.

A nanny hides children in a closet during a German air raid. London, 1943

Nurses treat jaundiced children in the sun, 1950s

Indian Snake Charmers, 1899

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