The owner was shocked to find out what her puppy grew out of! (8 photos + 1 video)

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11 May 2018

Chinese woman Miss Wang purchased a Japanese Spitz puppy from a pet store. She raised him for several months, after which she began to notice some oddities about her pet. Her dog never barked and refused dog food... The owner took the puppy for a consultation to the zoo, where she was stunned by the message: it turns out that her pet is not a Spitz at all, and not a dog at all, but a completely different animal...

Chinese woman Miss Wang, who spent about $200 at a pet store to buy a Japanese Spitz puppy, was very surprised when her pet refused dog food at three months and then began to grow a long fluffy tail. An employee of the local zoo, to whom she came for a consultation, said: the animal that she mistook for a Japanese Spitz was in fact a northern fox, or arctic fox.

Ms. Wang lives in Jingzhong City, Shanxi Province, in northern China. She bought the fluffy white puppy from a local pet store almost a year ago.

The puppy grew, and gradually its round muzzle became more and more elongated, and a thick and warm undercoat began to emerge under the fluffy fur. But at first the hostess did not pay much attention to this.

According to Ms. Wang, she bought the puppy from a local pet store in July 2017. She fed him dog food, chicken breasts and fruit. However, when the puppy was three months old, he flatly refused dog food.

Over time, Miss Wang noticed that her dog never barked. “He also grew thick hair, his muzzle became elongated, and his tail grew much longer than that of a real dog,” says the animal’s owner. “Other dogs walking in our park were afraid of my dog, and I was forced to lead him on a leash.”

It was in the park that someone first suggested that Miss Wang's animal was, in fact, an arctic fox.

The worried owner took the puppy to the local Taiyuan Zoo for consultation. There, the zoo's epidemic safety expert, San Leqian, confirmed that Miss Wang's pet animal is not a Japanese Spitz, but a real arctic fox!

“Judging by the size, this is a domestic fox born in captivity,” says the expert. “This animal smells bad, and the smell intensifies with age.”

Today, Miss Wang's arctic fox is about 30 centimeters long, and he will certainly grow further. If it were a Japanese Spitz (he is in the photo), he would remain at his current size.

Miss Wang decided to leave her pet at the zoo - they know better how to care for arctic foxes, and an adapted enclosure will be much more convenient for him than a city apartment. The Arctic fox will be quarantined for a month, where it will be thoroughly examined by veterinarians and tested. If everything is in order, in a month he will go into an enclosure with other arctic foxes. Zookeepers invited Miss Wang to visit her pet at any time.

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