A stray cat came to the door with two kittens, but it turned out that that's not all (11 photos)

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29 December 2017

A stray tabby cat with her two 3-week-old kittens somehow ended up on the porch of the house where a girl named Calista lived. The kittens were very weak and the mother cat would not let anyone near them.

Calista and her boyfriend thought about adopting a cat family, but soon something unexpected happened! One of the kittens was hit by a car, and then the couple quickly took the cat with the remaining kitten named Pippa.

Having explored all the corners of the new house, mother and baby settled in perfectly and were already sleeping on the bed of their new owners, as if on their own!

After a couple of weeks, Calista noticed that the cat’s belly was getting bigger... It turned out that the amazing cat came to them already pregnant again!

“We started preparing boxes and pillows, although the cat chose our bedroom floor as a maternity area,” Calista said. Soon the cat gave birth to four beautiful and healthy babies, while Pippa was nearby, guarding her newborn brothers and one sister!

“For the first two weeks, all the babies did was eat and sleep. They were next to their mother cat all the time, and Pippa watched everything with interest,” says the owner!

Mother cat made sure her babies were fed, warm and clean around the clock! All four kittens were growing at a rapid pace.

When the kittens were large enough, strong enough, and had already been sterilized, they went to new good homes. “All the kittens were adopted by our close family and friends—I even flew one of them 4,000 miles to a new family,” says Kalista’s boyfriend.

Mama cat and Pippa stayed to live with us, and we are very happy about it. These are the cutest, most affectionate cats I have ever met. We've been through so much together, but I'm so grateful they chose us!”

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