In the pool, a small mouse and a lizard were clinging to life with all their might (6 photos)

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10 November 2017

This beautiful rescue story took place in Bolivia. Levi DeWitt discovered that a small mouse and a lizard were clinging to life with all their might. The pool was not full, so the animals had no chance to get out on their own. It is unknown how long they were there, but Levi realized that they had to act quickly, because their strength was running out.

The guy held out a twig to them so that the animals would get out of the water.

Once on land, our little heroes first decided to take a breath. They were breathing heavily for several minutes.

Levi thought that after the animals took a breath, they would immediately run away...

But neither the mouse nor the lizard was in a hurry to run away. On the contrary, they came closer to the guy and when he raised his hand to them, they immediately climbed on it.

Levi did not block their path, but the animals did not want to leave their rescuer.

The guy got the impression that the animals just wanted to thank him for saving their lives!

They sat with Levi for some time, and when they were completely dry, they each ran off to do their own thing.

It would seem that the guy saved two tiny animals, which are difficult to even notice. But how much warmth, love and kindness this story brings!

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