Spain is the only country of its kind, and they know how to surprise any tourist (20 photos)

6 July 2024

Once in this place, you will understand that Spain is much more interesting than you read about it in books in geography lessons. And you definitely won’t find a second country like this anywhere! See for yourself what quirks and interesting things she hides inside herself.

Each country has its own characteristics and cultural richness that can amaze many. Spain is no exception. This hospitable state has prepared for its foreign friends not only such entertainment as bullfights or masquerades, but also much more.

Castels or "human castles"


Castellers is an exciting competition where several teams compete for victory. In this duel, people must build a huge and unusual structure by climbing on top of each other. The bravest and most dexterous build their castles as high as a 9-story building!

Cave with huge crystals in Almeria

In some places you can find crystals reaching two meters. Although the cave itself is small in size - eight meters long and two meters high.

Rio Tinto - a river in which it is better not to get your feet wet

Such an unusual color of the river is due to the fact that there are many minerals in its vicinity. As a result, iron and other heavy metals enter its waters, which dissolve and color the river yellow-red.

Traditional costume "Trang" in Aragon

San Francisco street, known as "Mushroom Street" (or "Street of Mushrooms"), in the city center of Alicante

What Easter looks like in southern Spain

Beautiful aragonite "Flowers" from a cave on the island of Mallorca

Life under a piece of granite (Setenil de las Bodegas, Cadiz)

Weather pranks, Madrid

In 2021, snow levels in some areas of Spain have broken all records. This came as a real shock to the residents. After all, they don’t know very well what it’s like to go outside and drown in a snowdrift.

This church in Llanera has been turned into a skatepark

A green park in Madrid, which will be a little more difficult to walk through than usual

Spin the pedals and sharpen the knives

This is what sharpening knives looks like in a restaurant in Oviedo.

Plate? Why a stove if there is an active volcano nearby!

The Spaniards love not only to eat delicious food, but also to cook. This is easy to see if you visit the country. But, apparently, the local population got bored with ordinary cafes, and people decided to open the restaurant “El Diablo” (translated as “The Devil”). It is located right on top of an active volcano, Lanzarote, Canary Islands. Here you can taste meat cooked directly on the fire coming from the crater of the volcano.

Supermarkets in Spain take care of your phone's charge

Seville's trams have fast-charging batteries so they don't need catenary lines along the track

It only takes 15 seconds for the tram to charge and get on the road again.

Vineyards nestled in moon-like volcanic craters in Lanzarote, Canary Islands

Well, after all, Spain without masquerades and carnivals is not Spain

And the next photo simply has to be included in our selection! Was the man trying in vain? Although…

Pens on which a student at a university in Spain diligently wrote out cheat sheets, but they were mercilessly taken away by the teacher

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