Creations of would-be designers (18 photos)

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21 June 2024

To be a designer means to be able to see beauty where not everyone notices it, and to create something beautiful for people. However, life shows that a designer is not always about talent and taste. Sometimes it is enough to be a mediocre professional to do strange and ridiculous things that cause bewilderment and a smile. And the most amazing thing is that there are people who like this.

We wanted to make a minimalistic and aesthetic sink, but we didn’t take one nuance into account

“Something tells me it sounds just like it looks.”

Cat Butt Magnets

Why are you doing this to the spider?

Whoever invented this urinal probably doesn't like people very much

“We met Shrek in a Turkish park”

It seems this mannequin wants to go to the toilet

This masterpiece will cost you only $160

Real superhero costume

Just... why?

"Fashion Stole My Money" for $11

“My boss has boots made of ostrich skin.”

Sale of garden figurines

"At our local grocery store, the shampoo is being 'advertised' by Severus Snape."

Do you want this chair for yourself? From you $15,000

Better barefoot, thanks

Are you even aware that there are urinals for women? It looks like this

My friend received expensive jeans. And here is such a setup with a fake pocket. And they can't even be returned

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