Enthusiasts have resurrected the legendary Winamp, turning it into a physical player (1 photo + 1 video)

21 June 2024

Hobbyist Rodmg has introduced a new device called Linamp - a reimagining of the cult Winamp* player in the format of a physical gadget. This media player allows you to play music from an external SD card or CD player. Linamp supports MP3, MP4 and FLAC formats, with plans to add Spotify streaming functionality and Bluetooth connectivity.

The device is based on a Raspberry Pi microcomputer with a 32 GB SD memory card and is equipped with a 7.9-inch touch display, as well as USB, Ethernet ports and a headphone minijack. Particular attention is paid to the aluminum sheet body, processed by 3D surface printing. Linamp is designed to meet the needs of users who remember the original Winamp of the late 90s and feel nostalgic for those times.

Rodmg's merit lies in the fact that they have successfully transferred the "good old design" into a new physical embodiment, giving it a second life. Linamp makes a great gift for electronics enthusiasts and anyone with an affinity for the '90s era, offering them the opportunity to relive it through modern technology.

*The Winamp project was created by Justin Frankel and Dmitry Boldyrev in 1997. This development is one of the longest-lived multimedia players that continues to be actively developed. Winamp is initially designed for use on the Windows platform and has about 83 million users. Due to its originality and flexibility in the field of changing the interface design through skins, several open clones for Linux were created under the influence of Winamp, such as XMMS, XMMS2, Beep Media Player, Audacious and Qmmp.

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