Greek Coast Guard accused of migrant deaths (9 photos + 1 video)

21 June 2024

Over the past 3 years, more than 40 people crossing the Mediterranean Sea in small boats have died due to the actions of the Greek coast guard. According to Dailymail, 9 people were deliberately thrown overboard.

Last Friday, hundreds of demonstrators gathered in Athens, demanding answers to questions about the causes of the shipwreck on June 14, 2023.

More than 600 migrants from Pakistan, Syria and Egypt were stranded on the fishing trawler Adriana, bound for Italy from Libya, when it sank off the coast of southwestern Greece despite being kept under watch by coastguards for several hours.

104 people were rescued, but only 82 bodies were found. This disaster was one of the worst in the history of the Mediterranean.

Ship "Adriana" June 13, 2023

Men drag body bags from a coast guard vessel in the port of Kalamata, Greece, June 14, 2023.

An investigation published this week by the BBC confirmed that at least 40 migrants died due to the actions of the Greek coast guard in 15 incidents between May 2020 and 2023.

An armed Greek coast guard watches a migrant boat

A Cameroonian who reached Greece told how a man from Cote d'Ivoire drowned before his eyes: "We had barely landed when the police appeared. Two were dressed in black uniforms, and the other three were in civilian clothes. They were wearing masks, we only saw their eyes. They started with my compatriot. They pushed him into the water. The Ivorian said: “Save me, I don’t want to die...” In the end, only his hand remained above the water, and then hers. gone."

A Somali migrant claims Greek officers tied his hands before pushing him into the water, while a Syrian man described how several children drowned after being left on damaged rafts by coast guards.

"We immediately started drowning, they saw it... They heard us screaming and still left us. By morning, seven or eight children were dead."

Greece and Italy are among the most popular destinations among migrants.

In 2016, Türkiye entered into an agreement with the EU. Under the terms of the deal, Turkish authorities were supposed to prevent migrants from trying to reach Greece and take back those who succeeded. Erdogan demanded financial assistance in the amount of 9 billion euros. However, already in 2020, Türkiye announced that it could no longer contain the flow of displaced people.

Last year alone, 3,155 people died or went missing trying to cross the Mediterranean, with the death toll reaching 923 in 2024, according to the International Organization for Migration.

A sailboat carrying about a hundred migrants crashed on the rocks of the Greek island of Kythira

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