A shark scared vacationers by swimming close to the shore (7 photos + 1 video)

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21 June 2024

On the island of Gran Canaria, panic among locals and tourists: the popular Melenara beach was attacked by a two-meter shark! She swam at high speed to the very shore, and people looked in horror at her fin sticking out of the water... The beach was still closed for swimming.

The alarm sounded on June 15 at about five o'clock in the evening. Police arrived at the beach, located on the east coast of the island.


Rescuers helped quickly clear the coastal strip of swimmers, and soon after that a red flag was raised.

Footage from the scene shows the shark swimming straight towards the shoreline, but turning back at the last moment.

“It is important that people remain calm and follow the instructions of rescuers and authorities,” a local municipality spokesman said.

“The lifeguard started blowing his whistle, indicating that everyone should get out of the water, and I looked back and saw its fin,” said a girl who was in the water when the shark appeared.

Her friend added: “We saw the fin, which was about seven inches out of the water, and we started moving towards the shore as fast as we could.”

Searches for the shark in the area using jet skis were unsuccessful.

The fish was identified as a hammerhead shark. It can grow up to 6 meters in length and weigh up to 450 kg, although smaller hammerhead sharks are more common.

Most species of hammerhead sharks are considered relatively harmless. Few attacks on humans have been recorded, but these sharks are still aggressive hunters and you can expect anything from them.

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