Fake braces – Asian understanding of beauty (6 photos)

17 June 2024

Braces are expensive. They cost differently in every country, but nowhere are they cheap. The only question that remained was where exactly they would become a sign of status and wealth, so they would be counterfeited, just as Iranian women put plasters on their noses, as if they could afford a nose job.

Anyone like colored braces? I don't feel like I have lettuce stuck in my teeth.

It turned out that in Indonesia, Thailand and partly China, the strongest trend is to wear fake braces. “Well, first of all, it’s beautiful...”

Primitive Habits

You know that in the Middle Ages, women with bodies were in fashion. Because fat means rich, eats well. Fat means rich, which means beautiful.

It's the same with braces. If you got orthodontic braces, then you are rich. In Bangkok, the price tag for them starts from 1.5 thousand dollars. Not every parent will allow themselves this.

The girl with braces from an old phone ad, back then it was popular as something cool.

Even the children there know that the one with braces is the boy from a rich family. Girls look with interest, boys with envy.

Without being embarrassed, but boasting, celebrities began wearing braces in Indonesia 10 years ago. It's funny that Asian kids even love celebrities with braces because they look cooler.

These are braces WITH PINK CATS. What would it be like without cats?

Therefore, some aspiring stars are even forced to wear braces unnecessarily if they want to increase their level of popularity.

Fake beauty?

People wear expensive clothes to look more attractive. Why not wear braces to look more successful and status.

Indonesia and China came to this conclusion without any doubt. In Europe they were tormented longer: isn’t it stupid to show that you have problems with teeth that don’t even exist?

Braces with Mikii Mouse. No matter how you look at it, it’s ugly, and your teeth look dirty and stained

But in Asia they didn’t even go through the stage of doubt. It’s beautiful because it has status.

In Indonesia, you don't even need to make an appointment with a doctor to get braces. They are used in beauty salons as false nails!

And such non-medical braces will be even cheaper than real ones. It's like a Gucci bag, but from a clandestine factory in China. Where, by the way, we went even further!

This is what braces are REALLY for.

In China, you can buy a set of “at-home braces” in the market in unique designs with crystals or colored inserts. And put them at home in front of the mirror.

They are attached to the gap between the front molars.

Thailand fights against fake braces

Because it was in Thailand that two deaths of teenagers were recorded from fake braces, which introduced infection into the body.

The modest charm of braces on social media. networks in Indonesia

Therefore, raids are carried out in salons and markets to identify prohibited goods. And now they will put inserts on your teeth only under the counter. In Indonesia, such a struggle is not carried out. Considering that many girls wear headscarves there, a smile is the only thing they can show off with status there.

That’s why the popularity of fake braces is not decreasing.

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