The guy ordered pizza and got caught cheating (4 photos)

17 June 2024

Sabrina Lowe shared with her many subscribers on the Internet a sad story about exposing infidelity.

A Brazilian woman follows a vegetarian diet, and her boyfriend is also a staunch vegetarian. Actually, on this wave the couple met and fell in love with each other. And it’s not hard to imagine Sabrina’s indignation, disappointment and pain when she used her lover’s phone to order pizza through the app, and accidentally saw in the order history that the man was buying pepperoni pizza.

And not just once or twice. So, the vegetarian turned out to be not at all as “convinced” as he described himself, and regularly feasted on pizza with sausage.

The fact of betrayal was obvious. Moreover, cheating not on a girl, but on a diet. Sabrina did not say whether she decided to leave her boyfriend, but perhaps the relationship is over, because the girl has repeatedly stated that “her man will never eat meat.”

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