They have different characters: a man found a snake that bites with two heads at once (2 photos + 1 video)

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13 June 2024

Jay Brewer tried to pet the aggressive reptile and immediately received a double bite.

In the published footage, you can see how a reptile with a genetic mutation bites a man with two heads at once. Brewer held the reptile above its neck and waved the index finger of his right hand in front of it, while his assistant watched the tail.

“Look, look, look! See how angry the girl is. Stop! Why are you so grumpy? I can’t understand who has a worse character? It’s hard to deal with one angry snake, but now you have to deal with two,” said the man, trying to pet the reptile, and immediately received a double bite.

Social media users were surprised to see an abnormal reptile with two heads.

"I have so many questions. How did this happen? Will she survive?";

"Okay, now I'm damn curious. Can you show us how this snake eats?";

“So cool, I wonder which head controls the body?”

Later, the creator of the video, who has 7.8 million followers on Instagram, answered all questions from subscribers on his YouTube channel. In particular, the expert noted that this is a female Texas rat snake - it is non-venomous.

"Animals born with two heads usually have a hard time because they each want to be in control. It seems like the only thing they can agree on is to bite me," Jay joked in the video description.

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