Elements of a spaceship in a meteorite? (2 photos)

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13 June 2024

David Bryant collects meteorites, buys interesting rock samples from around the world and exchanges them with other equally enthusiastic collectors. As they say, he has been in business for 35 years and knows about meteorites almost more than anyone else on the planet. In addition, he is friends with astronauts, NASA employees and ufologists, and there is absolutely no point in starting misinformation, risking his reputation.

While sorting out another batch of pebbles that arrived from North-West Africa, he found an interesting sample. And he couldn’t believe his eyes, so he performed spectroscopy on the sample, which was given the name NWA 869.

Yes, geologists and mining engineers periodically find various unusual things embedded in the rock that, in principle, should not be there. These are tools and their parts, strange mechanisms and even living organisms. But in most cases they are simply ignored or such wild explanations are found for their presence in the rock that even a science fiction writer would be horrified.

What the object in the pebble is is a mystery. But it's definitely there. And the version about the remains of a ship on which some ancient race roamed the cosmos looks quite plausible. Who they were and why they died is also a mystery.

David himself does not exclude the planetary origin of the amazing sample, believing that the device could have gone into space after the explosion of the planet, which subsequently turned into an asteroid belt. And it turns out that the planet was inhabited by intelligent beings capable of creating complex devices and mechanisms.

The object I'm holding in these photos is a small specimen of NWA 869, a popular and well-studied meteorite from the Sahara. Like all ordinary chondrites, it is about 4.5 billion years old. I received this piece in a batch of 20 that I purchased from the warehouse. Look carefully: there is a small metal object built into it! Moreover, as evidence that it spent some time in space, there is a micrometeorite impact crater on the side of the object... Anyone want to make a reasonable guess on this? Are we seeing a real alien artifact?

Either we are alone - unique - in space, or life arises wherever there is even the slightest possibility: in which case we should expect to find alien artifacts inside ancient meteorites.

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17 June 2024
Це залишок давньої мідної свердлильної трубки, якими користувались 4-2 тисячі років тому. Вона застрягла, а зразок розколовся. Так і кинули. Так званий "кратер" - це дефект лиття, раковина.
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