The neural network showed what people will look like in a thousand years (4 photos)

13 June 2024

Thanks to artificial intelligence, there is no longer any need to guess what the human race will look like in the distant future. But the forecast turns out to be worse than our wildest fantasies.

Using Midjourney as its tool, UNILAD created a series of images that showed what we will look like in 1000 years... and it's a horror show.

It's not surprising that a program based on technological progress would depict a robotic future, but the images are still creepy.

The creepiest thing about them is their almost robotic face, on which wires and various mechanical devices are visible, replacing the skin on the cheeks and forehead. Almost like a cyberpunk skeleton.

AI takes body modification to the extreme (UNILAD/Midjourney)

How we will turn into cyborgs covered in wires is another mystery. Will covering the face with wires become a new fashion trend or is it a reflection of how pervasive technology will become in our lives?

Or maybe this image represents what AI itself might look like after 1000 years of development.

The good news is that the program did not predict that everyone would become such a cyborg.

Let this be a reminder that following trends is not always a good idea. (UNILAD/Midjourney)

However, the bad news is that even ordinary human faces do not express any joy about their lives in the future. They look exhausted and tired.

However, you probably didn't notice this because you were busy looking at the two faces in the middle of the bottom row and hoping that the AI ​​got it all horribly wrong in this case.

They're all not having much fun. (UNILAD/Midjourney)

We do not know what horrors these two creatures had to endure and why their appearance was so distorted. Could this be an omen of where society is heading, or the result of some ominous catastrophe?

Or maybe the AI ​​is just wrong about the future of the human race. In any case, we will never know unless we discover the secret of immortality in the near future.

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