On the verge of extinction: the “world’s smallest” monkey gives birth to twin babies (3 photos)

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10 June 2024

Two “world’s smallest” twin monkeys, weighing just 15 grams each, were born at Symbio Wildlife Park in Sydney, Australia. The kids have already won the hearts of visitors and staff of the menagerie.

Adorable cubs were born at the end of May to a pair of dwarf marmosets - Pepper and Mateo. The babies are now under the close supervision of their parents and dedicated zoo workers.

By the way, these primates come from the Amazon rainforest and are known for their small stature - only 12-15 cm in height. Members of the species play a vital role in their ecosystem by helping to disperse and pollinate plant seeds.

"The birth of the twins is a testament to our staff's dedication to the conservation of endangered species. We are delighted to welcome a new addition to our close-knit family," said Zoe Ridge, park ranger at Symbio Wildlife Park.

Visitors to the menagerie, located on the southern outskirts of Sydney, can now admire the adorable twins, who became social media stars immediately after their birth. Users call them "the cutest creatures" they have ever seen in their lives.

By the way, for half a century the Symbio Wildlife Park has been a leader in the conservation of rare animal species.

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