Beauty contest "Miss AI": who reached the semi-finals (12 photos)

10 June 2024

The jury of the competition for virtual models, which is held for the first time by the online platform Fanvue, selected ten semi-finalists from more than 1,500 applications. Who are they, these artificially generated and so popular ladies?

The world's first beauty pageant for women created by artificial intelligence has finally presented the list of those who reached the semi-finals. Of the 1,500 entries in the Fanvue World AI Creator Awards, the top ten will continue to compete for the title of the first ever Miss AI. The contestants have no doubt that the competition will be very tough.

But, as in any other competition, winning a prize will require more than just looks. Finalists will also be judged on their technical performance and social media influence.

“The awards showed how active creators are in the AI ​​space and the caliber of participants,” says Fanvue co-founder Will Monange.

The $20,000 prize pool will be split between the top three entries, with the winner (or rather, her creator) receiving $5,000 in cash, plus perks and promotions on the Fanvue platform.

So, who are the 10 women vying for the Miss AI crown? Let's take a closer look at them. Let us repeat that all the beauties in the photographs below, despite their frightening realism, do not exist in reality.

Olivia See (Portugal)

Despite the fact that Olivia C exists only on her creator's computer, she has managed to amass more than 10,000 followers on Instagram. The girl shares photos from her colorful travels with her subscribers, showing different countries, sights, and national cuisine. Of course, all the countries and foods Olivia enjoys are created using Midjourney's AI image generator and enhanced using Adobe AI.

Kenza Leili (Morocco)

Kenza Lylee has 190,000 followers on Instagram and has the largest social media presence of any finalist. She claims that her content is “closely connected to Moroccan society” and contributes to “the empowerment of women in Morocco and the Middle East.”

Anne Kerdi (France)

Anne's creators claim that her main goal is to promote the French region of Brittany. Ann has 9,800 followers on Instagram. Among other things, she is an ambassador for Océanopolis Acts, a foundation for ocean conservation and protection, and often appears in AI-generated images of ocean cleanup campaigns.

Zara Shatavari (India)

Zara was created to promote the natural nutritional supplement Hermones and has since been used to raise awareness about hormonal imbalances. According to her Instagram page, which has almost 6,000 followers, Zara is an adherent of a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, and loves travel and fashion.

Ayana Rainbow (Romania)

Romanian "biker chick" and DJ Ayana Rainbow is being marketed by her creators as a content creator with a strong social message. She promotes “diversity in all its forms” and a positive attitude.

Lalina (France)

Lalina's creators say the AI ​​model was originally created to test how realistic their images could be. Lalina's stated social goal is to promote understanding between different cultures and points of view. During this time, the model gained 93,200 followers on Instagram thanks to her “stylish vibe with a touch of seduction.”

Seren Ay (Türkiye)

Seren Ai has amassed over 11,000 followers on Instagram. The creators place her in various situations - either she acts as a fighter pilot or an electrician, or she travels through time and meets dinosaurs or the first president of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

Asena Ilik (Türkiye)

Asena Ilik, also from Turkey, has 29,200 followers on Instagram. Judging by the photographs, Asena often travels around the world, races cars and even visits space. She is also often photographed accompanied by celebrities, living or dead, from Jose Mourinho to Frida Kahlo.

Asena's creators emphasize that an AI model can become influential without selling sex.

For popularity, artistry and originality of content are much more important.

Eliza Khan (Bangladesh)

Eliza Khan is one of Bangladesh's first AI models. She brings the latest Gen Z trends to her 13,000 Instagram followers. Further enhancing the sense of surreality, Eliza includes real photographs in her blog taken by her creator at Brac University, Bangladesh. Her dream is to create a world where “everyone feels valued and treated fairly.”

Ailia Lou (Brazil)

The latest contender is globe-trotting Ailiya Lu, described by her creator as a Japanese-Afro-Brazilian artist. Initially, she was created for a series of film projects in which she was supposed to play the main role. On her Instagram page, which has 10,800 followers, Ailiya shares images of high fashion outfits, as well as “her own” artistic shots.

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