A Greek island where no one lives and exotic animals roam freely along the sandy beaches (21 photos)

27 May 2024

This island in Greece has been described as a "bizarre wildlife paradise" with many "wild animals with their own charming quirks."

The Greek islands are one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world, with people drawn to their stunning sandy beaches and picturesque towns.

However, there is one lesser-known island that has its own unique reasons to visit, including the Animals that inhabit the land and even join the beachgoers if they're lucky.

Moni is not a place to stay, but it can be visited on a day trip.

No one lives on a small island located off the coast; it is one of the Saronic Islands of the country.

However, it is popular with day-trippers who enjoy sailing, snorkeling or even just swimming in the waters surrounding the sandy beaches.

However, what makes the island special is the abundance of animals that can be seen here.

Since 1962, Moni has been used as something of a nature park for breeding wild animals.

A group called the Greek Touring Club "introduced an impressive array of wildlife, transforming this charming islet into a thriving ecosystem."

Their efforts can be easily seen to this day.

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