I haven’t cut my hair for 27 years: how the record holder with the longest nails in the world lives (4 photos + 1 video)

27 May 2024

People are interested in how Diana Armstrong copes with household tasks and hygiene procedures.

"The total length of Diana's nails is longer than a standard school bus! She's been growing them for over 27 years!" - reported on the official Instagram page of the Guinness Book of Records.

The American woman's unusual title attracted the attention of netizens. Many asked how the woman copes with household tasks and hygiene procedures.

"How does she go to the toilet? Genuine curiosity";

“I also thought about it at first, but did it ever work? Because with such nails it’s unrealistic”;

“How does she even do anything, like get into the car or get dressed?”

During an interview with journalists from the British tabloid Daily Star, Armstrong responded.

"You know, I go to the toilet just like everyone else, I just use my nails, maybe in a different way. I need a lot of toilet paper to wrap around my hand," Diana explained.

People also asked why the American decided not to give herself a regular manicure. It turned out that there was a tragic story behind this. One day, when Diana was shopping at the supermarket, she received a call from her youngest daughter, who said that for some reason her older sister Latisha was not waking up. As it became known later, the child died in his sleep due to an asthma attack.

Armstrong said she always had long nails, which 16-year-old Latisha tidied up every weekend.

“She was the only one who did my nails, carefully polishing and filing my nails,” recalls the grieving mother, noting that she has not cut her nails since then to preserve the memory of her daughter.

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