The body lay under a neighbor’s garden for 2 years: thanks to Google Maps, the case of a woman’s disappearance was solved (4 photos)

27 May 2024

The police decided to close the case, but finally the law enforcement officer decided to look at Google Maps of the woman’s house. This moved the search for the missing pensioner forward.

In Belgium, after 2 years, the police were able to solve the case of the disappearance of a woman. This was done thanks to Google maps.

83-year-old Paulette Landrieu, who suffered from Alzheimer's disease, disappeared 2 years ago. The woman left the house and simply disappeared. The pensioner's relatives suggested that she could have drowned herself in a pond located not far from her home. The search did not yield any results, so after 2 years the police decided to close the case.

The officer who led the search decided to finally look at Google maps of the woman’s house. Thanks to this, her fate became known. In the photo, he saw a pensioner walking from her house in the direction of the neighboring one.

The image of the elderly woman, a mother of four, allowed police to follow her tracks and discover her body just yards from her home. It lay at the foot of the hill directly under the neighbor's garden.

The investigation revealed that the woman fell from an unfenced part of the garden and died a short time later.

"The only thing that bothers me is that it took almost 2 years for no one in the house next door to realize there was a dead body in their yard. This is crazy," one reviewer wrote.

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