Interesting little things about life in South Korea (16 photos)

24 May 2024

South Korea attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. But this selection will not be dedicated to attractions and various tourist routes. We will look at the small but interesting details in the lives of ordinary Koreans.

The manufacturer installs these blue blocks to protect the door during transportation, but people do not remove them so as not to get scratched in the parking lot.

Supermarkets in Korea have toilet paper samples

Toilet paper rolls are often added to orders in Korean cafes.

Change in store. Such old coins are still in use!

They really care about people who urgently need to go to the toilet. Updates on how close you are already

The inscriptions on the signs to the toilet: “26 meters”, “23 meters”.

There are never enough garlands!

The color of the traffic light is also displayed on the ground. This is how people who look at their phones see a light on

Benches with solar panels in Seoul. There are also USB and wireless chargers

In the elevator of this building, the letter F was placed on the button instead of the number 4. Since 4 is considered a bad sign

Lunch in Sokcho

From Seoul to Busan 325 km by train, practically lying down, for $40? With a table, charger and footrest? Of course, why not!

Totoro on the side of the road. Well, every country has its own snowman, in Korea he comes from Japan

University in Seoul during Buddha's birthday month

Electric vehicle chargers in the Kurogu area of Seoul. One of the last installed in South Korea

Spicy noodle flavored toothpaste

The beauty of local nature

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