16 women accused David Copperfield of sexual harassment (4 photos)

22 May 2024

It was the illusionist’s turn to make excuses for something that didn’t happen.

According to information from the Guardian newspaper, we are talking about incidents that occurred from the 1980s to 2014. More than half of the women said that at the time of the harassment they were under 18, and some were even 15-16-year-old schoolgirls.

The ladies accusing of inappropriate behavior and sexual harassment explain that Copperfield, of course, could not have known about their young age, but this fact does not justify his guilt.

Several girls claim that Copperfield promised them protection in the modeling business, and three accusers claim that the illusionist offered them drugs before having sex. One of them is Britney Lewis. The woman reports that in 1988, when she was 17 years old, Copperfield drugged her with illegal substances and then took advantage of her.

Britney Lewis

The 17-year-old model was unable to resist. All these years she kept her secret, and only in 2018, thanks to the #MeToo movement, was she able to reveal this secret.

In four other cases, women alleged that Copperfield groped them or forced them to touch him on stage during performances. Three of them were teenagers at the time of the alleged incidents. Fallon Thornton, 38, told the Guardian that Copperfield squeezed her breasts on stage during a performance in January 2014 at the MGM Grand hotel-casino. The girl stated that she even reported this to the police, but the case was dropped there due to insufficient evidence. Copperfield's lawyers argue that there is nothing in the recording of this performance that discredits the image of the illusionist.

David Copperfield

Another girl named Karla claims that the artist began courting her when she was only 15 years old. He sent her tickets to his concerts and gifts. But he did not allow himself any frivolities. They had their first sex when the girl turned 18, and the contact was by mutual consent. What is the claim? The fact that it didn’t help me succeed as a model. Although in this particular case the illusionist’s fault is illusory (that’s a pun), because if you have nothing of the model in you, even Copperfield will not be able to help.

Jeffrey Epstein

Copperfield's name began to be circulated because of his acquaintance with Jeffrey Epstein, who was accused of pedophilia and sex trafficking of young children. Epstein committed suicide in prison in 2019, and at that time many Hollywood stars and show business artists knew him and talked to him at parties. Pulling the fact of acquaintance by the ears is another proof, given that Copperfield denies all the accusations against him, and the accusing women, as usual, do not have enough evidence of the offender’s guilt. Someone just wanted popularity and a little (or a lot of money). If the modeling didn't work out, why not try Copperfield again?

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