Stole and ran away: in Taiwan, a member of parliament “originally” disrupted a parliament meeting (1 photo + 3 videos)

22 May 2024

As a result of a large-scale brawl in Taiwan's parliament, MP Guo Wen climbed onto the podium and ran away with the bill. And his colleague Puma Shen was injured and left the meeting room on a stretcher.

Taiwan's parliament descended into chaos on Friday, just days before the inauguration of new President Lai Ching-te. Deputies staged a large-scale fight, arguing over parliamentary reforms. And Democratic Party deputy Guo Guo Wen even stole the text of the bill and ran away from the hall with it.

The dispute erupted over the desire of the main opposition Kuomintang party and its allies to give parliament greater powers to control the government.

This includes a controversial move to criminalize officials deemed to make false statements in Parliament - a proposal that was rejected by Lai's Democratic Progressive Party as an "unconstitutional abuse of power".

Although Lai Ching-te won the presidential election in January, his party failed to win an absolute majority in the 113-seat parliament.

Lawmakers from the Kuomintang and Taiwan People's Party set up defensive lines outside and inside parliament to prevent Democrats from seizing the podium.

As a result of a large-scale fight in which almost all parliamentarians were involved, Guo Guo Wen climbed onto the podium and ran away with the bill, and another democrat, Puma Shen, was injured and was taken away from parliament on a stretcher. Several other deputies were also reported injured.


Taiwan has a rich history of parliamentary infighting.

In 2020, KMT lawmakers hurled buckets of pork innards at Prime Minister Su Tseng-chang and began brawling on the House floor during a row over easing U.S. pork imports.

As a result, the parliamentarians, some of whom had prudently put on raincoats, began throwing pig hearts and other offal at each other.

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