A woman made friends with a poisonous snake that crawled into her car (3 photos + 1 video)

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22 May 2024

Lisa Kournelis learns to coexist with a snake in her car as the reptile won't leave her car. The first four attempts to get the dangerous animal out of the car were unsuccessful.

Lisa Kournelis from Australia tried four times to remove a wild and poisonous snake from her car, but still continues to drive with the dangerous reptile.

The woman even gave the snake a name and rides around the city with it. She's been sharing her car with a red-bellied black snake she named "Fluffy" since March. Lisa said professional snake catchers tried to remove the large reptile four times, and all their attempts were unsuccessful. So she decided to change her approach.

An Australian woman said she is learning to coexist with a snake in her car because it won't leave it. A woman wears protective gear while driving to protect herself from snake bites.

Lisa added that she first noticed the snake in April, but believes that it got into the car a few weeks before.

"Yeah, I was putting the box in the car and it was sitting in the back seat. I think it had been there for three weeks before because I was finding snake poop everywhere," the Australian said.

Laza theorizes that the reptile got into her car at a construction site when she left the car door open. The woman is aware that the snake could potentially harm her, but she noted that she had no choice but to continue living with “Fluffy” in the car.

Citing advice from a snake catcher who tried his luck, Kournelis drives around in thick wool pants and other gear to protect himself from the snake, which may be irritated by the car's sensors and alarms.

"I'm very lucky it didn't bite me, but if it does, these woolen work pants I'm wearing will take most of the venom," the Australian said.

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