Scientists have found that brewer's yeast can remove lead from water (4 photos)

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22 May 2024

Scientists have found a way to use recycled brewer's yeast to remove lead and other metals from water. Yeast is biologically pure, harmless and biodegradable, which is a significant advantage over traditional water purification technologies.

Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Georgia Institute of Technology, USA, have found a way to use recycled brewer's yeast to remove lead from water. As part of the tests, scientists placed yeast in special hydrogel capsules, which actually became a water filter. The key process in this filtration is biosorption, in which yeast can quickly absorb traces of lead and other heavy metals from the water.

The fact that yeast itself is biologically pure, harmless and biodegradable is a significant advantage over traditional purification technologies. Now scientists are developing a concept for purifying tap water using recycled brewer's yeast. According to them, this method promises to be environmentally friendly, inexpensive and accessible.

The project could be especially useful in low-income areas with high levels of lead in the water. However, water can be purified in this way not only in homes, but also for purifying large volumes of water at various treatment plants.

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