13 amazing things that many have heard about, but few have seen (14 photos)

22 May 2024

Even in the twenty-first century, in an era filled with all kinds of information, many situations remain a mystery to us. Of course, thanks to the Internet, we know a lot, but there are still enough things in the world that many have heard about, but which almost no one has seen with their own eyes. In this post you will see and learn some interesting things.

1. Fossil, cross section of a lycopsid "cone"

The largest example of a Devonian forest, consisting of 250,000 square meters of fossilized lycopsid trees, was discovered near Xinhan in China's Anhui province. Typically these lycopsid trees were less than 3.2 meters tall, but the tallest was estimated at 7.7 meters.

2. Usually in photographs we see the Earth from a different angle

3. Wood defeated stone

4. Brittle star Gorgonocephalus arcticus - a class of bottom marine animals from the echinoderm type

5. Waterfall under normal conditions and during a hurricane

6. X-Ray Shows This Wooden Cat Figurine From Ancient Egypt Is Actually A Cat Sarcophagus

7. Beautiful passion fruit flower

8. There is an underwater research laboratory called Aquarius off the coast of Florida. It is located at a depth of nineteen meters, next to a deep coral reef

The lab is staffed by marine biologists, for whom Aquarius serves as their home base as they study the coral reef, the fish and aquatic plants that live nearby, and the composition of the surrounding seawater. Aquarius has sophisticated laboratory equipment and computers that allow scientists to conduct research and process samples without leaving their underwater premises.

9. The city of El Amadiya in Iraqi Kurdistan was founded in the 3rd millennium BC. It was built on a flat top of a rock at an altitude of 1400 meters

There are no new buildings being built in the city; there is no room for that anymore. The population is 10 thousand people who are engaged in agriculture. Tourism is very developed here.

10. The Danakil Depression is the hottest place on Earth, located on the border of Ethiopia and Eritrea, part of the desert of the same name

It is one of the lowest places on the planet: it is located 125 meters below sea level and ranks third on the list of the lowest places in Africa. This is a unique landscape formed by shifts of tectonic plates and complemented by volcanoes, salt lakes, and lava lakes.

11. Hurricane Florence as seen from the International Space Station

12. The breathtaking blue flames of Mount Ijen, Indonesia

It is located in the eastern part of Indonesia on the island of Java and is part of the stratovolcano complex of the same name. The reason for this phenomenon is that in the heart of the volcano there is a blue lake of acid with a diameter of about a kilometer. Magma is trapped under a layer of water, and the shores are the largest deposits of sulfur. Underground volcanic heat burns the sulfur. At a temperature of 600 °C, the color of the flame becomes bright blue.

13. Rhodochrosite is commonly found in stalactites in caves in Argentina. It has rings like a tree

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