Mongolian group turned throat singing into rock music (3 photos + 1 video)

16 May 2024

Their rock sounds even cooler.

Each musician brings something new to heavy metal. For example, even in the compositions of the Metallica group, you can trace how their style changed from album to album. The Mongolian group UUHAI also succeeded in innovation: the soloists play traditional musical instruments and use throat singing.

The name of the group has deep cultural traditions. The fact is that shouting “whoosh” by a group of people is a spiritual mantra. It is believed to bring good luck and is also used to release energy or lift the spirit. But UUHAI’s traditions are not only in the name: the musicians in all the videos wear traditional clothes, and they play Mongolian instruments. So, in the video you can see a morin khuur (a string instrument with a horse's head) and drums. Their melodies sound unique against the background of familiar guitar strings.

But the real magic happens when the vocalists start singing. Their throat singing is urtyn duu or a drawn-out Mongolian song. In 2005, UNESCO named Mongolian traditional song a masterpiece of the oral intangible heritage of humanity. UUHAI's songs are driving, and you don't need to know Mongolian to fall in love with their music and at least stomp to the beat.

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