The narrowest house in the world was built to spite its neighbor (3 photos + 1 video)

16 May 2024

Not one building claims to be the narrowest house on the planet. For example, here we talked about the narrowest building in London. But the Casa du Currivu building in the Italian village of Petralia Sottana is remarkable not only for its appearance, but also for how and where it appeared. The fact is that the owner of this house built a second floor to annoy his neighbor.

Petralia Sottana is located in Sicily; today two thousand people live in this commune, and its most famous attraction is considered to be a house with a second floor so narrow that it is impossible to live in it.

This building looks very peculiar: it has a completely standard first floor, and the second floor is only a meter thick. It's very narrow inside: two people can't even walk side by side without touching each other. It is impossible to live in Casa du Currivu, but it was built not to live, but to block the view from the windows of the neighbor.

Legend has it that Casa du Currivu appeared in the middle of the last century due to a dispute between acquaintances. Then the commune was allowed to add a second floor only after agreement with the neighbors, and the neighbor refused the owner of the house. Then the Italian decided to bypass the rules and still build on the second floor. The fact is that there was a loophole in the law: it was necessary to coordinate construction with neighbors only if there was a certain distance between buildings.

Therefore, having retreated the required number of meters, the owner added a second floor, making it as narrow as possible. This is how we got an unusual house, which even has a staircase, a window and a balcony. You can go inside the Casa du Currivu, but the building is too narrow and you won’t be able to live in it or furnish it with furniture.

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