Men's lobes are indecent! (6 photos)

16 May 2024

One fine day, Chinese TV viewers were watching a show about idols (pop singers) and noticed that they all had black ears! Someone thought it was such an ironic joke that ears are now an indecent place.

But everything turned out to be funnier and dumber as always. Now it’s indecent to look at men’s pierced ears!

And we'll blur him too! That's right, blur everyone, God will recognize his own!

This was done as part of the fight against feminine men, which has been in full effect in China for more than a year. After all, wearing earrings in the ears is the prerogative of women, according to China, although even in historical China men wore them too.

In addition, now you can’t draw overly feminine boys in games, you can’t paint your lips. Male cosmetics sellers on the same TaoBao, who loved to show off everything on themselves, also suffered.

I even talked about a Chinese summer camp for children to “fight K-pop,” where boys are turned into real men, not effeminate pop idols. In general, China has many means to combat femininity, and each one is funnier than the previous one.

This idol worked in a flower shop show, he's such a flower boy

Making fun of the law

Blotting a man's ears because he has an earring in his earlobe causes nothing but laughter among the Chinese themselves. Just as stupid as we now cover up cigarettes in movies on TV, now the frame looks even more vulgar and provocative.

Offers poured in to blur the entire head of a female idol if she had a short, boy-like haircut. As part of the fight against overly masculine women.

I think you need to spend 200 expensive chips to train a neural network to automatically blur earlobes.

The administration in China in general very often confuses the two sides and then backtracks. I recently wrote that in one province, local authorities even shamed their residents for wearing warm pajamas in public.

And they published it on social media. networks the names of these people, their photographs and personal number! It's like they're older criminals and not just like to dress comfortably.

But here the censorship in China blurred... Christmas trees! Because these are Western values, why look at them?

It's the same with earrings on men. Their presence does not make men any less masculine, just look at the pirates! They kept all traders at bay for a century. But for China, the earring is a sign of Western pop culture, and it does not want the same dominance of idols as in South Korea.

And this one was covered under David Beckham's chin because of the tattoo. Although it would seem that he is an extremely courageous man.

On the one hand, you can understand them; you can’t think of anything worse in the music industry than a merciless trainee factory. But, on the other hand, in China there is already wild social competition in other areas, and according to statistics, beautiful people are paid 20% more. So it’s too late to drink Borjomi!

Is China doing the right thing by simply trying to hide on television what everyone already sees in front of them every day? Will this be beneficial in the long run? Doubtful.

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