A large shopping complex burned down in Warsaw (3 photos + 2 videos)

16 May 2024

On Sunday early in the morning there was a fire in the Marywilska shopping complex in Warsaw.

58 fire brigades are working on the site, including a chemical-ecological rescue group. According to preliminary estimates, the fire destroyed the entire complex.

Firefighters said the fire likely broke out in multiple locations. Firefighters received information about this incident from smoke detectors around 3:30. The first rescuers arrived on the scene 11 minutes later. The fire spread very quickly.

By 4 am, almost the entire building was already on fire. The roof of the complex also partially collapsed.


According to the latest data, the fire has been localized. But it is impossible for firefighters to get into the building itself. It is already clear that the burnout will take many hours and will even last until Monday.

There were also calls on social networks for residents of Warsaw and the surrounding area to close their windows due to the plumes of acrid smoke rising from the burnt complex.

As for the smoke that floats over the city, it is, of course, harmful. A specialized chemical rescue team is on site to monitor the atmosphere near the fire. The devices do not have exceeded concentrations. There is no need to evacuate residents from nearby buildings at this time. Of course, this smoke is poisonous and harmful. We recommend closing your doors and not going out,” junior brigadier Michal Konopka from the city department of the State Fire Department in Warsaw addressed local residents.

There are no reports of casualties.

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