Worshiping a madwoman and eating her leftovers is the custom in India (6 photos + 1 video)

16 May 2024

Residents of Tiruvannamalai follow a crazy woman everywhere who doesn't even know where she is. And they interpret her words and actions, and if she doesn’t finish her coffee, they grab whoever is quickest so that she can finish the glass and get enlightened.

What's going on there? Traditional India happens there.

Have you seen the movie PK? This is an Indian film about how an alien accidentally landed on Earth in India and was told that if he believed and asked God, he would send him back home. He was happy, but only... there are more than six thousand gods in India.

I will not tire of praising this Indian film, and even the songs and dances are very modern

The poor fellow asked everyone for a long time, and then began to expose the strange, absurd beliefs of the Hindus. One of the highlights of the film is when he stacked a pile of stones in front of the University, and the students immediately decided that this was a local shrine that they needed to pour water on and offer gifts to in order to do well in the exam.

Where would we be without exposing yogis!

It is very ironic that Indians themselves notice their national oddities. But they can’t do anything; if a blessed man or a three-armed girl appears somewhere, they immediately become “carriers of divine truth.”

Crazy Amma

Amma often wets herself (look at her shirt) and throws away half-eaten food.

Topi Amma is called "Mother Hat" (like the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland) and is considered enlightened and perfected in Tamil Nadu. Despite the obvious psychiatric diagnosis, there are not enough hospitals for people here, not to mention hospitals for the mentally ill.

Therefore, as long as it does not harm anyone, no one will treat it.

The follower tries to interpret the behavior of the Enlightened One

Topi Amma became famous throughout the world after a whole series of videos showing her aimlessly wandering down the street, being pursued by fanatical fans.

As soon as she throws a half-eaten piece or a half-empty glass, one of the mentally healthy fans grabs it from the ground and finishes it after her!

After the third such video, you begin to doubt whether she is crazy here or everyone else!

Finishing the half-drunk lassi after a crazy

- We want to follow Toppi Amma to understand her depth of teaching and wisdom. “Her presence alone changes us,” explained her follower in such videos.

Because the woman is deeply ill, she ignores her fanatics and cannot form words into meaningful sentences. Which only increases the number of interpretations for each of her sounds and actions.

No hope for yourself

This is such a parody of Forrest Gump, only in reality, because it fits the Indian mentality very well. In few countries is it customary to rely so much on the fact that the gods can improve your fate, and if you learn secret knowledge, your worldview will change.

In India, they rely very little on themselves, asking for any event in their life to a saint, stones, old trees, an accidentally decorated pillar that can be recognized as a shrine. I wrote that in India there is even a Holy motorcycle, which has its own temple next to the road.

It is interesting how a society develops with such a mentality. It seems to me that it helps to live in difficult conditions, but it does not at all help to break out of them and improve the country.

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