11 of the world's largest dishes that set a record and entered culinary history (12 photos)

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16 May 2024

World records are not limited only to sports achievements. Everything is much more interesting. There are people who want to set delicious records, delighting all food lovers (and themselves, of course).

They prepare huge burgers, pies, pizzas and more that make the public admire and salivate. All these magnificent creations, containing a sea of ​​calories, are worth seeing and appreciating. Of course, it's a shame that you don't have the opportunity to taste them.

World's largest Oreo cookie

An Ohio woman celebrated her 95th birthday in grand fashion by making giant cookies that weighed 80 kilograms. Her grandson helped the old woman in this difficult task. To create such cookies, they needed 32 kilograms of butter, 90 eggs, 11 kilograms of flour, almost 7 kilograms of cocoa powder and as much as 11 kilograms of sugar.

The longest and largest hotdog in the world

The longest hot dog in the world consisted of a 60-meter sausage and a 60.3-meter bun. Another record-breaking fast food was created by American Dann Abbate, who came up with the idea of cooking large hot dogs for the grill. The weight of one such delicacy is 3.18 kilograms.

The world's largest sweet donut

Culinary experts from the USA and Japan have baked the world's largest donut with a sweet filling. The weight of the sweet was 100 kilograms. It took more than 8 hours to make.

The world's largest burger

The burger, which weighed 804 kilograms, was prepared by one of the grill bars in Michigan, USA. By the way, if desired, guests of the establishment can still order it and try it. However, you will have to wait for your order for three days.

The world's largest box of chocolates

A giant box of chocolates is the dream of any sweet tooth. Confectioners from Missouri, USA tried to bring it to life. They created a sweet composition that included 205 giant pieces of chocolate in different flavors. The weight of the finished product was 2547.5 kilograms.

World's largest delivery pizza

The American pizzeria chain Big Mama's & Papa's was included in the Guinness Book of Records for the largest pizza in the world that can be delivered to your home. The product consists of 200 pieces and can feed more than 70 people.

World's largest noodle soup

The huge 1,300-kilogram noodle soup fed nearly 2,000 people in Vietnam in 2018.

The world's largest omelet

The largest omelet in the world was made from 5214 eggs, 20 liters of butter and 50 kilograms of onions and garlic. The giant dish fed 700 people in O (Haux), a small French town. An event of similar scale is held annually in Abbeville, USA. However, there a slightly smaller number of eggs are used to prepare huge omelettes (from 600 to 5000).

The world's largest meatball

The world's largest meatball weighed 50 kilograms and was prepared by the Italian sports club Columbus in 2011.

The world's largest samosa

The largest Indian samosa weighed 110.8 kilograms. It was prepared in the UK, at Bradford College.

The world's largest bagel

The largest bagel ever created was produced by Brueggers Bagels in August 2004. This giant weighed 393 kilograms.

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