Black dog turned completely white due to rare disease (8 photos)

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16 May 2024

Vitiligo is an autoimmune disease in which skin pigmentation is disrupted and melanin disappears in certain areas.

This disease also affects animals: their fur, nose, muzzle, lips, and mucous membranes lose color. Sometimes illness makes our four-legged friends unrecognizable: we invite you to meet a dog named Buster, who has completely turned white due to vitiligo.

This handsome guy was diagnosed at the end of 2021. About eight months earlier, his owner Matt Smith discovered small white dots near the dog's nose and around his eyes. When the spots on his face became more numerous, Matt went to the vet. Today, Buster is very difficult to recognize: after more than two years, he has turned from an all-black dog to a spotless white dog.

It seems that such a transformation is impossible to believe: one gets the impression that the photographs show two completely different dogs. When netizens see Buster, they say that his before/after looks like a fake. The changes are confirmed only by Matt’s photographs, which document the different stages of the disease. And of course, Buster's look remained the same.

Fortunately, Buster is a dog, not a person, so he is not at all embarrassed by his changes and lives his happy dog life. The only difference is that he was once black and is now an all white dog. These changes in appearance did not affect his well-being in any way.

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